April 24 - May 2 2021: Online

Rainbows End

Sex Tech Hackathon

Rainbows End Sex Tech Hackathon is a series of online events organised by Touchy-Feely Tech in collaboration with Creative Coding Utrecht and Hervisions as part of the Rainbows End online festival. Through a program of talks, workshops and a weekend-long Hackathon, we will explore technology's impact on sexuality and human behaviour by addressing the past, present, and future of the Sex Tech industry.



Who Is It For?

We invite artists, academics, activists, thinkers and tinkerers from all backgrounds and perspectives to take part. The Hackathon is open to anyone interested in exploring the themes of the event with a group of like-minded people. The Hackathon is also beginner-friendly, so if you have always wanted to participate in an event that follows this unique format, now is your chance!

In case you prefer not to have the full Hackathon experience but still want to join the conversation, we've also planned a workshop and a talk show that can be attended without a Hackathon ticket. Read on to discover our full agenda!




April 24

Sex Tech workshop for beginners - Open to anyone.

April 29

Priming and networking event - For Hackathon ticket holders only.

April 30

Talk show - Open to anyone, free for Hackathon ticket holders.

May 1-2

The Hackathon event, including mentoring, teamwork, workshops and prizes. Read the full agenda here!


Saturday April 24, 4-6pm CET

Sold out! Sex Tech Workshop

This is sold out *BUT* there are still spots for our weekend-long Hackathon on May 1+2, where there will be even more opportunities to immerse yourself in the learning & making process. Hackathon details can be found >here!<

In this experimental "Hack-a-long" led by Touchy-Feely Tech and Kinky Makers, you will get hands-on with soldering and electronics, learning how to take apart an existing vibrator with the aim of turning it into the device of your dreams! Specifically organised for beginners, we will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. 

After a brief history of "Stimulation Devices" through the ages, we will learn how to “tear down” our chosen electronics to see what makes them unique on the inside. We will then design and prototype the look and feel of our dream devices using a kit of pre-ordered and re-purposed parts.

You can bring a cheap vibrator to tear down, and purchase all of the necessary tools and parts separately from a list we will provide. What you make is up to you and the limits of your imagination!

This workshop is open to everyone. If you are also interested in joining the Hackathon, this could be the perfect opportunity to boost your making skills ahead of the event.

Note! For this workshop, you will need to purchase a kit of tools and materials amounting to around 20-40 euros. When you purchase your ticket, we will be in touch to arrange what you will need on the day and if necessary help source an affordable supplier with fast shipping based on your location.

The cut-off point for registering is Friday the 16th of April. Unless you already have the components you need, in which case there is no cut-off!



Friday April 30, 8-10pm CET

Sex Tech Talk Show

Cost: €5,- / Free for Hackathon ticket holders

Technology is changing intimacy. As our reliance on technology to live, work and socialise grows, we are becoming increasingly comfortable with inviting it into the most intimate and personal moments of our lives.

Join us to hear hear our speakers explore the delicate linking of sex and technology with psychology, philosophy, design, culture, education, spirituality and the supernatural, in an attempt to evolve a conversation around what Sex Tech should or could be in the years to come.

Sex, intimacy, and the supernatural: technologies to sleep together - Danae Tapia

The practice of sleeping with another person is an act which uniquely represents the experience of intimacy, consent and trust between people. Danae will use this act as an opportunity to review ancient approaches regarding sleeping with a partner, possible parallels in the non-human kingdoms, and the ecstatic and transcendental aspect of this practice in relation to its altered state of mind nature. By the end of the session, we will explore potential technologies of intimacy that can capture this event of deep trust.

The role of storytelling and erotic fantasy in your lovelife - Liesbeth Vreeburg

About 90% of women use “mental framing” (or scenario creation) to get turned on. In fact, we use our imagination all day long. But how do we bring our erotic fantasizing to a higher level? How can we get creative with our sexual mind? And how do we deal with taboos if we stumble upon them? In her talk, Liesbeth Vreeburg will explore how the desire to create a safe space for women to explore their sexuality led her to create the Wet-Stories erotic audio app.

Play & Sex as Mental Health Promotion - Katherine Dennis Gonzalez

Katherine will explain the role Sex and Play have in managing the systems that dictate our wellbeing. Looking at sensuality and pleasure as the cousins of rest, the talk will explore how we can revise our relationship with pleasure and our relationship to rest by seeing rest as pleasure, and through pleasure learn to train our systems for self-regulation.



Saturday May 1 - Sunday May 2, 10am - 6pm CET. 

Sex Tech Hackathon

Cost: €40,- / Students: €20,- 

*Includes access to the Talk Show and a discounted ticket to the Workshop

The Sex Tech industry is projected to be worth 52.7 billion dollars by 2026. As this market potential becomes impossible to ignore, people are ditching the taboo to accept both the importance of sexual health and its potential to reform the way we understand our health overall.

Despite this good news, it's still important to acknowledge the risks faced by any rising Tech Trends: Issues of security, privacy, and a one-size-fits-all design approach. These technological blind spots have the potential to lead us away from fairer technological futures, reinforcing harmful stereotypes and ignoring the wide spectrum of bodies, imaginations and human identities that we all have or are capable of having.

This Hackathon invites participants to actively and collaboratively question what the future holds for humans and our relationship with technology and sexuality. We want to hold space for important conversations and welcome creative ideas, dreaming and collaborationOver the course of the weekend you will be introduced to the diverse and evolving field of Sex Tech, before working on your own project (in a team or solo - as you wish) guided by mentors from idea to prototype. There are of course prizes to be won!

A ticket to the Hackathon also gives you access to two pre-events: An exclusive networking event and the Sex Tech Talk Show. You will also be entered into a raffle where you can potentially win from a range of generously donated prizes!


Talk: Play & Sex as Mental Health Promotion


Teardown: Ioba OhMyG


Why Sex Tech is where entrepreneurs should focus

After the success of our first Hackathon earlier this year, we're back with more workshops, demos and teardowns

Hackathon Agenda: May 1-2, Online

Thursday April 29

Networking event exclusive to Hackathon attendees to get to know each other and form teams.

Friday April 30

Sex Tech Talk Show

Saturday May 1

Introductions, registering teams, idea generation, check-ins with mentors and resident makers, getting into Sex Tech, live teardown, silicone casting class, electronics and coding 101!

Sunday May 2

2021 trends and perfecting your pitch, finishing projects, pitches and prizegiving.

Design Challenges

As a starting point, Hackathon participants are invited to conceptualise and/or build projects that respond to one or more our proposed challenges:


As the Sex Tech industry grows, how can we make sure its offerings are accessible to and representative of the wide spectrum of different bodies, identities, imaginations, backgrounds, cultures and contexts that exist here on Earth? How might we develop and distribute tools, experiences or education that actively serve the underserved, and help to destigmatize, decolonize or depatriarchalize the tech industry? This track is focused on the importance of user-centered design in the development of Sex Tech.


Recent studies have shown us that sexual health is a reliable barometer for overall health (did you know that someone tracked their recovery from a brain injury with their smart vibrator?). Focusing on pleasure and intimacy is a powerful way to improve our understanding of the complex link between our body and mind. Can sex or intimate technologies be practical or educational tools for self-literacy, self-regulation or self-care? This track is focused on the meaningful purpose of Sex Tech and its therapeutic potential.


As technology becomes smarter, more powerful and increasingly closer to our bodies, how (or when) might Sex Tech become a way to extend, augment or enhance the human body and mind beyond limits? How might Sex Tech play a part in breaking convention around what it is to be human, what it is to be sexual, what it is to be "present", and address the historic and cultural shifts that face us on the horizon? This track seeks to speculate on the evolution of Sex Tech into the not-so-distant future.


Useful Information

You will need access to a computer to participate in the Hackathon. Please familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct before the event. You don't need any materials or a technical background to participate, but if you would like to get hands-on over the weekend be sure to order parts ahead of time!

After registration, you will be invited to a networking pre-event where you can meet fellow attendees, join teams and get to know the Hackathon format. When you purchase a ticket, you will also be invited to our Discord server where there is a channel for introductions.

Ready to join us? Buy your ticket here!




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